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ST news medical suppliesIn the autumn of 2012 we revisited Bulumbi, Busia with the intention of putting the necessary mechanisms in place to make the FEED programme sustainable. We visited two of the schools which were identified to pilot the project - the Namungodi Church of Uganda School and the Buhobe Catholic School - and were over-whelmed by the poor condition of the children and the school facilities, as seen below in a picture of an overcrowded classroom. We shared with school officials, and in one case with the entire school population our message of hope. We further partnered with the Church of Uganda in the village and began discussions with them and personnel from the two schools about their needs and the FEED programme; specifically addressing how to implement and maintain its first two components i.e. Food and Education.

While there, we were also able to donate 960 exercise books to each of the two schools. One of the schools also received some additional stationery which we were able to bring with us from the UK. Furthermore we were able to present to the Bulumbi Health Centre there several bags of medical supplies which were kindly donated by an individual here in England. The Health Centre also shared with us a long list of needs for which they required assistance, as the picture below showing a hospital ward represents.

uganda children   Uganda croweded    uganda hospital

Plans for 2013

Subsequent to our visit, we now have over 100 children identified for sponsorship, which is currently estimated at about £20.00 per child per month. These children, once they have been sponsored, will receive at least one nourishing meal a day and have their educational needs provided for, which will include clothing, books, stationery etc and fees paid where necessary. They will also be involved in weekend classes which would include religious and health education and general life skills. The other children in the schools will also gain from the programme as funds targeted for education will include improving classroom facilities, building latrines, providing clean water via boreholes and other resources. Such assistance will also ultimately enhance the entire community.

One project which would benefit the entire community and is currently underway is the creation of the first library in that village. One of the dilapidated school rooms (seen in the picture below) will be renovated for this purpose and also outfitted with some computers. This project, along with the renovation of the adjoining room for storage of agricultural produce etc, will cost an estimated £1400.00. Along with the planting of maize etc to sustain the feeding programme, we intend to start a goat farming project which will include initially the purchase of 50 goats for producing milk and meat (to boost protein in diet) and for reproduction to offer needy families a goat to help to sustain them. This programme, including housing, security and veterinary care will cost an estimated £3200.00 to get underway.

uganda bulding

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