Special Treasures News 2015

This year we continued to support the 50 children on our programme, providing them with daily meals during the school term and in weekend extracurricular classes. Drought however again affected the yield of the harvests of crops cultivated but by sending funds they were able to continue having meals. 

We visited the project during the Easter holidays and distributed material to assist with the children’s education. The first photo below shows a presentation of such gifts. Additionally, from time to time, the manager would purchase the educational supplies for them as necessary.

supp uniform shoes

In the autumn, each child received a new uniform (above centre) and at Christmas, each was presented with a new pair of footwear (right). This year we were also able to pay the school and examination fees for about 30 children.

medical attention

While in Uganda, we purchased 50 Bibles which were later presented to teachers of the two schools we support, as this was a pressing need. We also gave a Bible each to the 25 children on the programme who were able to read. Children continue to respond positively to the Good News of the Gospel as was evident during our trip when three of them made a decision to be followers of Christ.               

Funds for transportation to access adequate medical attention, payment of medical fees and medication were also provided for children with serious conditions; especially those who cannot be properly cared for in their local vicinity. Sadly one of such children passed away this year - which heightened the need to continue and improve where possible assistance given in this area.


The Goats Program Update

We are very happy to report that the Goats Programme is finally up and running though not in the form originally thought. Ten goats were bought and given to ten families. The kids produced by these goats will be passed on to families of other children. This has now already been done on four occasions.

goats program

On our trip we presented the manager with four laptop computers donated for the project. It was exciting to see the laptops powered by the solar system which was bought and installed in the room renovated for the library as seen in the photos (below centre).

laptops laptops in roomcfrafts

Children were also exposed to craft which could assist them in earning a living on leaving the programme (above right) and parents continue to benefit from training in several areas. During our trip, they were very eager to introduce us to their savings scheme set up to provide small loans to needy parents in crisis.         

Transportation continues to be a challenge for the manager as he seeks to get children to appropriate medical facilities when necessary and also to make home visits to their families. We would therefore like to secure a motorcycle (costing approximately £800 to £1000) for him. 

We have been able for the first few years to use about 6-8 acres of the Church of Uganda land for cultivating crops for food. Unfortunately that land has been reduced considerably and we now have to provide additional funds to purchase food to supplement the reduction of crops cultivated. We therefore have to purchase land not only for the production of crops but also to construct a facility to meet the needs of the FFED programme. We solicit again your prayer and financial support. 

Fund raising Project
album-coverHere in the UK, we produced a CD of original music (6 tracks) entitled ‘I Need Your Heart’ which was released primarily to support the FEED programme.  Special thanks to all participants for making this project possible. We encourage you to purchase this CD not only for your spiritual enrichment but also in support of FEED. Tracks will be available on iTunes later in 2016. You may contact us for further details. 

We now take this opportunity to thank all who have supported us in 2015 - whether with your prayers or with your donations - financial and otherwise. May God richly bless you as you continue to help us to serve those who are less-fortunate.

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